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Gather and route intelligence from your AS/400 Web site — without programming!

WebSurvey/400 expands your IBM AS/400-based Web site into a vital two-way communication vehicle. Now your Web site can gather intelligence from visitors to your site and route it to anyone in your organization; anywhere in the world, at any time — and you need not write a single line of program code.

The routing capabilities of WebSurvey/400 allow you to direct survey results or requests for information to specific E-mail addresses, users, or printers in any location. For example, the complete response to a request for product information might be routed to a national sales manager, with inquiries about specific products directed to the appropriate representative for each product requested.

With WebSurvey/400, collecting such structured information over the Web and routing it this precisely is easy. You need no specialized expertise in HTML, Common Gateway Interface, or AS/400 E-mail programming. From page generation to data collection to E-mail routing, WebSurvey/400 does it all.

WebSurvey/400 generates the survey the way YOU want it, collects the information, stores it in an AS/400 DB2 Universal Database file for future analysis, and directs responses to any individuals you select - at a survey, question, or response level - and all without programming!

Use WebSurvey/400 for:

Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Product information requests/sales follow-up Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Contest entry forms
Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Marketing surveys Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes "Personal shopper" functions for E-commerce sites
Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Customer satisfaction surveys Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Easy-to-use Web-based order entry
Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes "E-resume" forms for recruiting Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Seminar/class evaluations
Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Product warranty registration Redcheck.jpg - 472 Bytes Guestbooks
...and thousands of other applications we haven't anticipated!

Strategic has been a leader in helping IBM AS/400 installations garner the full benefit of the Internet. WebSurvey/400 was developed in response to the needs of our customers who use their AS/400 as their Web server and needed to be able to request structured information from their Web site visitors without the learning curve associated with AS/400 Web programming.

Let WebSurvey/400 work for you. Request a free trial today!

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